Top 5 Snow Blowers To Buy In 2020

Top 5 Snow Blowers To Buy

Shoveling is great exercise. However, in case you suffer from sciatica or any other kind of body pain in general, shoveling may add to your troubles and is not recommended much. Here is where a snow blower steps in. A snow blower is a device that helps you remove unwanted snow from areas like sidewalks, roadways, or runways. It is a great tool that often comes handy. However, with the availability of a large number of snowblowers, it becomes really difficult to select the right one. If you have been wondering what are the best snow blowers available today, you have landed on the right page. Here, we have listed the top 5 of best snow blowers to look for in 2020.

Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE

If you are looking for an all-rounder snow blower, this Toro snow blower is something you should not miss out on. The tool has consistently gained amazing reviews from users and is known to be at par with its more expensive competitors. It comes with a unique design of its own and stands apart.

The model also offers a convenient electric start and is quite easy to operate and use. It is capable of directing snow to wherever you want without any hassle. The best part about the snow blower, however, is its instinctive Personal Pace drive system. This feature makes sure that the speed of the blower’s wheels is synchronized with how fast the user is walking.

Yard Machine Snow Blower

Next on the list is the Yard Machine snow blower. The self-propelled machine has an effective 208cc 4 cycle OHV gas engine. It is capable of clearing pathways up to 26-inch width and a 21-inch height. Designed with 15″ x 5″ Snow Hog tires, the snow blower provides the users with added traction on slippery surfaces. The tool is ideal for use even in low-light conditions as it has an in-dash light for enhanced illumination.

Ariens Snow Blower

Cheap Snow Blowers

The Ariens snow blower can be one of your most prized possessions in case you reside in a region prone to snow storms. The machine has an incredibly powerful two-stage engine and works like a pro. Add to it a strong steel auger and imagine the power! The machine easily lets you drive through the snow without any hassle or additional effort.

It is quite simple to operate and has a lot of useful features. The machine offers a wide clearance and this is probably yet another reason behind its amazing popularity. In addition to these features, the tool lets the user displace snow efficiently within a range of 200 degrees.

Cub Cadet 2X 26 HP

In case your area has been hit by a terrible storm, a snow blower by cub cadet is what you need. Cub Cadet 2X 26 HP is yet another standard snowblower available at an affordable price. The three levels of snow clearing power are enough to help you drive your way through any kind of snow.

Another interesting point to note here is that it is devoid of wheels. The machine follows a tracking model and works well irrespective of the terrain. The power steering is one of the most promising features of this model. Apart from that, its durable metal chute coupled with an impressive electric start places this affordable snow blower at a decent spot in the list of the best snow blowers available today.

Troy-Bilt Snow Blower

Last but not least, the snow blowers by Troy-Bilt are an unbelievably powerful tool to buy in 2019. It comes equipped with a strong engine, that can be single-stage, two-stage, or three-stage, as per the user requirement. The tool is capable of working well in the snow that is as deep as 18 inches. It is nice to operate and maintain with innovative features like flashing LED light. Its locking handles let the user operate the machine single-handedly and remove snow from the most rugged of the terrains easily.

Thus, these were the top 5 snow blowers you must check out before investing into one blindly. It is crucial that rather than simply sitting back and wondering what are the best snow blowers available out there, you should log on to your laptop, cell phone or tablet and start reading reviews. It will help you make an informed decision that you won’t have to regret later.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has pointed out the safety issues related to the use of snow blowers. While choosing the snow blower, it is of prime importance that you see if it can be operated conveniently or not. Buying a cheap snow blower may seem tempting at first, but can cost you a lot later in terms of maintenance. Thus, make a smart choice. Good luck!

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