Snow Blower Carburetor Cleaning Process

How to Clean a Snow Blower Carburetor

The snow blower is one of the most important machines for the winter season. It clears the snow from the road and the pavements and allows smooth transportation. If the snow blower is having a problem to start due to long-time usage then the problem lies with the carburetor. Now the question arises on how to clean snow blower carburetor Repairing carburetor is an easy task. It takes a little time but it is not impossible. However, if you are unsure to work with it then you may need help by a professional.

The process of cleaning snow blower carburetor follows certain steps. This article is all about the process of cleaning snow blower carburetor and helps you bring back the snow blower in working condition.

Steps to Clean Snow Blower Carburetor

Initially, you can try to clean a snow blower carburetor without removing it. All you need to do is to use an air compressor by removing the shroud. This process might not be efficient enough. That is why it is recommended to remove the carburetor and clean it. The process of removing the carburetor and cleaning involves certain steps

Step 1: Analyze the machine before removing its parts. Go through the manual properly before you take any kind of step. In the case, if you are not having the manual then you can go through online guidelines. Simply search by the model number in the search engine, you can get each and every detailed information about the machine.
Remember that all carburetors are not the same. You need to check the model number of the carburetor for any further action. And according to the specification of the carburetor, you can go ahead.

Step 2: At first remove the shroud of the snow blower along with the fuel line and the primer line. Use screwdrivers to remove necessary screws to get the carburetor. Disconnect the spring to remove the backing plate. You need to pull the plate from the carburetor. After that, you will find three gaskets. You need to remove those old gaskets off the carburetor.

Step 3: While removing the carburetor use a video recording to document the actions. This will help to reassemble the parts again.

How to Clean a Snow Blower Carburetor

Step 4: Put the carburetor in a liquid carburetor cleaner. Make is submerged for at least 3 hours. This process will remove all the impurities present in the carburetors.
Remove the bowl of the carburetor using a wrench and clean it. After 3 hours take out the carburetor from the liquid and rinse it. Make sure that the carburetor is not having any king of liquid droplets on it.

Step 5: Take copper wires to clean the hard-reaching points of the carburetors. Make sure you clean all the holes present in the carburetor. Using copper wire will remove the tarnishes present in the carburetor.

Step 6: After removing the tarnishes, use an air compressor. This will clear the holes present in the carburetor properly. Make sure that there should not be any residue present in the carburetors and the holes.

Step 7: Use an ultrasonic cleaner for better cleaning. Replace the tubes present in the carburetor. Sometimes, due to the continuous passing of fuels, these pipes get blocked. As a result, the carburetor does not work properly.

Step 8: Reassembling the part is one of the most important approaches. It is the climax of the entire task. In this part, you need to make sure every part is cleaned. Put the tubes of emulsion back in the carburetor and install the jet. Make sure that all the screws are tight enough to avoid any kind of looseness.

Step 9: It is better to replace small parts like metering needles and float. Check the manual and the video properly. Use the carburetor kit to reassemble the parts. Make sure the reassembling is perfect. Check online solution or advice help if any kind of complications arises. Do not force any part to get fitted. It may damage the particular part permanently. Reassemble the parts and make the snow blower like it was earlier.

Step 10: Check the snow blower by switching it on. Before that make sure you fixed the final shroud. If you face any type of problem again then you need to go to the snow blower repair shop for better results.


Snow blowers usually stop working due to continuous use. In the majority of cases, the problem arises with the carburetor. Cleaning the carburetor of the snowblower is really an easy task. It involves a few steps. It can be done in-home only. Still, if you feel any doubt then you can go to local repairing shops for better results.
The entire cleaning process can be classified into parts. The first part is removing the carburetor. After completing this then comes dissembling the carburetor. After separating the parts then comes the cleaning part. And at the end comes the reassembling part. The entire cleaning process can take a maximum of 5 hours. Before cleaning the carburetor, you need to make sure that you are having each and every tool that you need for cleaning.

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