How To Start Craftsman Snow Blower

How to start craftsman snow blower

A winter snowstorm comes with its own set of troubles, but it also comes with the added stress of shoveling. If news reports are to be believed, people who use a shovel to clear the snow off their driveway are at serious risk of orthopedic and lower back injuries. Every year, roughly 100 US residents die while shoveling snow. To keep your heart safe, refrain from pursuing this lethal and extremely strenuous exercise and opt for our craftsman snow blower instead. Our guide will tell you the advantages of different kinds of snow blowers and how to start craftsman snow blower.

Pros of Using a Craftsman Snowblower

The advantages of using our handcrafted craftsman snow blower are plenty. Apart from providing the power to clear the snow quickly, its plow handles reduce the pressure on your lower back and leg muscles. If our recent snow blowers sales reports are anything to go by, more and more people are turning to a western snow blower or an electric snow blower to make their job easier. Despite this, the confusion regarding how to start a craftsman snowblower prevails among a lot of people.

Tips To Keep in Mind While Buying a Craftsman Snowblower

Our electric snow blower is an ideal choice for small driveways. But in case you have got a long driveway, it’d be wise to invest in our single or a two-stage gas snow blower. The latter is the optimum choice in regions where it snows heavily. Our two-stage gas snow blower has an edge over a single stage snow blower primarily because the latter provides more power to clear away over 8 inches of snow efficiently.

The difference between a two-stage gas snow blower and a single stage snow blower lies in the augur, which is a corkscrew-shaped component that sucks up snow. Secondly, the clearing width of the two-stage gas snow blower is also greater. It can clear snow piled up between 28 to 36 inches, depending on the model of the snow blower. Thus, keep the aforementioned tips in mind before getting a craftsman snowblower.

Step by Step Guide On How To Start Craftsman Snowblower

Start Craftsman Snow Blower

Our guide will take you through basic instructions on how to start craftsman snowblower. Make sure that you buy a good quality electric snow blower or a two-stage gas snow blower, depending on your requirement.

The first step is to check the oil of the western snow blower. The oil should never be above the upper mark or below the lower mark. If it’s somewhere in between, it is ideal to add oil until it reaches the upper mark. To check the oil, unscrew the dipstick and wipe it off. Then, re-insert the dipstick into the tube and thread it all the way in. Remove it again and at this point, re-read the oil level. If necessary, add fresh oil through the dipstick and then thread it all the way in once again.

After you know there’s oil in the engine, check the fuel to make sure the tank is full. Now, we are ready to start the snow blower. Take the heavy-duty extension cord and plug it into the electric socket. Start by advancing the throttle lever all the way till the full throttle position. Open the fuel valve. Make sure that the ignition switch is in place. Some keys turn, but most of the keys only need to be inserted into the slot for the engine to function.

The next step on how to start a craftsman snow blower is to bring the choke knob to the full or closed position. After that, press the primer knob between two to four times. The number of times you press the primer knob depends on the temperature. If it’s below – 9 degrees, press it four times. If it’s above – 9 degrees, you only need to press it two times. Then, pull the rope to start. Once the engine starts, turn the choke knob to the open position. You’re ready to blow as much as snow as you want!

When you’re ready to shut the engine off, move the throttle knob to the full or closed position back again. Let the engine sit idle for roughly 15 or 20 seconds before attempting to close the throttle knob. Make sure the fuel is turned off. Furthermore, make sure that the key is in a closed position. Take the heavy-duty extension cord out.

The biggest difference between the new age and traditional western snow blower is that the latter may not come with a choke knob, but the rest of the intricacies are intact. They run pretty much the same as traditional snow blowers. It’s a good idea to go through the instruction manual that comes with the equipment to get a fair idea of how to start craftsman snowblower. Your heart and your legs will thank you for buying our snow blower. So, without any further ado invest in our top quality snow blower and start reaping the benefits of it straight away.

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