How to Start a Toro Snow Blower A Step by Step Guide

How to Start Toro Snow Blower

With approaching winters and heavy snowfall, are you willing to be defeated by snow? If your answer is no, then read ahead. Sometime back, I was all set to give the most important presentation of my life at work. I woke up the next day to find a heap of snow sitting around my car. It took me ages to clear up that snow and I lost an important client because I was unable to run up to work on time. If you can relate to this incident and don’t want to be in my shoes, go online and buy yourself a Toro Snow blower. Our guide will tell you why Toro Snow Blowers are touted to be the best in the market and how to start a Toro Snow blower.

We are a leading worldwide supplier of solutions for the outdoor environment and the newest addition in our snow blowers range is a rugged and robust Power Max HD. Our snow blowers are not only the most durable but are also high in productivity with an easy-to-use manual. The Toro Snow Blowers are capable of drifting out almost any kind of snow up to a throw range of 57 feet. Without further ado, let us look at the features this machine has to offer and most importantly, how to start a Toro Snow blower successfully.

What is a Toro SnowMaster?

Toro SnowMaster is a range of snow blowers powered by the premium OHV 4 cycle. With a 61 cm clearing width and 46 cm intake height, it can throw snow up to a distance of  12 meters. Toro SnowMaster is an affordable range best recommended for the basic snow clearance.

Why are Toro Snow Blowers Voted as One of the Best Machines?

We are not proclaiming ourselves to be a top-notch manufacturer of Snowblowers but it is safe to say that we manufacture one of the best snow blowers around the world. Selling in over 125 nations, we deliver a legacy of perfection. We help our customers take care of their golf courses, outdoor parking, sports fields and more. Before buying one of these mighty machinery, you should definitely read its key features. Take a look –

  1. Power Curve Technology: Toro Snowblower is made on an inverted funnel housing which helps to clear out more snow in less time.
  2. Anti Clogging System: The machine is made to reduce clogging to a maximum extent, thereby increasing the blowing speed.
  3. More Power: Toro Snowblower churns out more than enough power to clear out a heavy pile of snow. The heavy flywheel clears snow quickly and efficiently.
  4. Auger Gear Box: The hardened gears provide you a hassle-free experience even under the highest stress.

Let’s say that you are satisfied with the features of Toro Snowblower and bought one. Now what? You would definitely want to know how to start a Toro Snowblower in order to achieve value for your money. Let’s move on to the procedure of starting a Toro snow blower.

How to Start a Toro Snow Blower?

How to Start a Toro Snow Blower

Before starting the snow blower, check that:

  1. The oil level is at the full mark.
  2. The gear lever is at the neutral mark.
  3. The tank has fresh fuel.

Once you’ve checked the aforementioned things, you can proceed further.

Step 1: Pull the choke to full. Choke blocks the air supply from the carburetor, resulting in the production of a richer fuel mixture.

Step 2: Move the throttle to the fastest speed. The throttle is represented by a rabbit symbol.

Step 3: Turn on the fuel valve. The fuel valve starts connects the tank and carburetor initiating the fuel supply.

Step 4: Turn on the ignition switch to run. Also known as a rocker switch, it will start the ignition system of Toro Snowblower.

Step 5: Insert the ignition key. This will turn on the snow blower ignition. Removing the key will shut down the blower ignition.

Note: Some models of the Toro Snowblower don’t require a safety ignition key and work through ignition switch only.

Step 6: Press the primer bulb. The primer bulb will push chunks of fuel into the carburetor. Pressing the primer bulb 2-3 times is enough to start a cold engine of the Toro Snowblower.

Step 7: Pull the starter rope until you feel recoil in the engine. Then, quickly pull the rope to engage the engine to a proper running position.

Following the above steps correctly will turn your Gas Snowblower on. In case your Toro Gas snow blower doesn’t start in 1-2 pulls anytime during the first 2 years of purchase, Toro will fix it for free.

Now that you know how to start a Toro Snow blower, you don’t have to worry about the snow sleeping in your lawn or your parking. With just the push of a button, Toro Snow blower will do the job for you with ease. According to reports, shoveling snow increases the risk of orthopedic and back injuries. If you do not want to die from such an uncertain reason, opt for a Toro Snow blower instead. Happy Winters!

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