Choosing The Right Snow Blower for Pickup Truck

Snow Blower For Pickup Truck

A lot of snow blowers are available for you to choose from. They can either be electric, single-stage, two-stage or three-stage. However, the catch lies in choosing the right one. Carefully evaluating the pros and cons of all the possible options prior to selection would help you make an informed and wise decision. Let’s dig deeper and see what are the top five qualities of any snow blower that make it an ideal snow blower for pickup truck.

Winter is a lovely season. On one hand, it brings the joy of Christmas and New Year along, on the other hand, it often adds to the worries of the locals. After all, waking up and facing 12 inches of heavy snow sitting at your doorstep when you have an urgent meeting scheduled is a sight no one would like to face.

Shoveling may seem like a good option but risking your back for clearing snow may not. A snow blower is a machine that helps you clear snow in a rapid and efficient manner. It is a must-have tool for residents of snow countries. There is nothing fancy in wasting hours of serious effort and energy in shoveling your way through the snow.

The Area It Can Reach Out to

One of the primary factors to consider while selecting a snow blower is to see if it can comfortably cover the width of the area that you aim to clear. Many a time, snow blowers are not efficient enough and lead to the user regretting later. For instance, in case you aim to clear smaller driveways, a single stage snow blower can serve your purpose. However, for driveways spanning more than 60 feet in length, a single stage snow blower may not fit the bill. For such situations, you should preferably choose either two or three-stage snow blower for pickup truck.

The Depth of Snow You Need to Clear

Snow Blower For Tractors

At times, you may feel tempted to buy any cheap gas snow blower without considering additional factors. The actual depth of snow that needs to be cleared plays an important role while choosing the right snow blower. For up to 8 inches of snow, a single stage snow blower is ideal. For depths greater than that, that is 16 inches or more to be precise, you must invest in a quality two or three-stage blower for truck. The past weather trends in your region will help you here. Pay attention to them!

The Type of Terrain You Will be Working on

Whether you reside in a level surface area or a sloped terrain also has a prominent say in deciding the type of snow blower to buy. Snow blowers that are auger-assisted and push-propelled are suitable for clearing snow in level areas while for sloped terrain you may require additional power in the form of an engine driven machine.

The Kind of Snow You Need to Clear

Although a snow blower is designed for clearing snow, you cannot buy the next available model. Not all of us know this, but even snow is of different kinds and dictates the kind of snow blower required. A single-stage snow blower can clear light snow with ease but it gets clogged in case of heavy, wet snowfall.

A two-stage unit with a powerful impeller comes into picture here. It helps prevent clogging in heavy, wet snow and helps meet the user requirements. In case you reside in an area where snow is hard-packed, you should consider high quality, powerful snow blower like a three-stage Toro or Western snow blower as its high power helps you steer through even the hardest of snow layers with ease.


Buying a snow blower is not something that you do every day. A quality snow blower is a long term investment for the locals of snow countries. Once bought, a snow blower needs to be maintained and taken care of. If you are looking for something that has a minimum to no maintenance, an electric snow blower is what you should go for.  It eliminates the need for frequent oil changes or fill-ups. A cold weather extension cord coupled with an electrical outlet will be all that you need to clear your driveway in a matter of seconds.

Whether you are looking for a large scale snow blower for tractors, snow blower for pickup truck or a small scale blower for personal use, you must evaluate the features beforehand. Apart from the factors listed above, you should carefully check the speed of the blower, whether it allows single-handed operation or not, if it has additional features like chute controls, headlight, accelerator, electric start, etc. These are the features that dictate the performance widely and make sure that your workflow does not get disrupted due to harsh weather conditions. Features like heated hand grips, although seem unnecessary, prove to be quite beneficial once you are actually outside struggling in the snow. 

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